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The Beard Boom – Or Why Are Beards So Popular?

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The Beard Trend

In the recent years, beards have made a real comeback and have become a popular trend for many men to wear. The beard trend hasn’t always been this popular and hasn’t always had this many followers and supporters. However, whether it is because people would like to return to original values and nature, or just because removing all your hair from your body takes much time and money, but since recently women have started to prefer a man who have some hair on their bodies, and a specially faces, which makes them look natural, ruggedly handsome at hand masculine. The beard trend is currently in very hot, and has managed to push out the metro sexual trend away from the limelight.

Ladies Love It

As it has been previously mentioned, beards have made such a comeback because they have had a positive impact on the ladies, which happen to love their men being ruggedly handsome and natural. Also, it seems as if they complain about the beards much less than they used to, because beards have become so widely acceptable nowadays. If you are wondering whether your partner will support your decision to grow some serious facial hair, and a lovely beard, you should remember that ladies are much more tolerance toward bearded men and they used to have been. Also if you want to test out whether your partner supports you in general, you should tell them that you are thinking of a growing a beard. If they oppose it, they are probably not worth it, since they are obviously trying to constrain your personal freedom and govern your actions.

Why Are Girls Obsessed With Man Buns & Beards?

Takes Less Time

Another reason why beards are so popular, are because they take much a less time and effort then shaving daily. That being said, if you would like to spend less time in front of the mirror and in the bathroom, perhaps you should adjust to grow a beard. A beard will make you comfortable that you can go to work in the morning without having to shave in a rush. Beard care isn’t a walk in the park though, and Scruff Stuff have just the solution. For all your beard care needs visit them here.

Helps You Look Fierce

Beards have become so increasingly popular because they help you look masculine and fierce. Therefore, if you would like to boast your masculinity and add an edge to your look, perhaps you could try out sporting a beard for a while. Not only that it will make you look more determined, but it will also make you look like a strong and adult man, call firmly stands his ground.

Will It Ever Go Away?

Now, we are wondering, whether this trend will ever go away? Well, as we have seen so many times before, trends come and go. Therefore, it is only normal to expect that the beard trend will not last forever. However, for now it is rather cool and it makes the world a better place, where Ken dolls have been replaced by sexy lumberjacks.

4 Most Convincing Reasons For Growing A Beard

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There are numerous reasons why a man should grow a beard. However, if you are still wondering whether you should join in and start growing one yourself, here are the most convincing reasons why you should definitely grow and beard starting from this very moment!

1. You Will Attract Potential Partners


A lot of people wrongly believe that women are against beards. I can most confidently say, that a beard will not send your partner for the hills. What’s more, a neatly groomed beard will only attract more attention from more potential partners.

Surely, tastes differ, and there are probably some ladies, who dislike beards, but a true partner should be supportive and a true partner will support you in obtaining a desired look, and will in fact be glad for your change of appearance, boldness and sense of fashion.

2. A Beard Will Change Your Looks


If you want to make a change that will completely change your looks and give you a new style, perhaps you should try growing a beard.  ben-affleck-beard-no-beardA beard will make you look ruggedly handsome, but that the same time each will help you find your own personal style and sense of fashion.  The beard trend has become recently so immensely popular, that nowadays the majority of man is sporting a beard.  A beard is said to bring determination to your personality, and a lot of fierceness.  A man with a beard will appear stronger and manly, just like a lumberjack.  Therefore, it does not come as a surprise that the metro sexual trend has been replaced by the lumbersexual trend which is currently in very hot.

3. It Is Comfortable!


Besides the fact that sporting a beard will make you appear manlier, and provide a tough exterior, is will also make you appear much more comfortable in your own skin.  The beard is the only accessory that has the power to make you seem strong and determined, as well as warm and fuzzy, all at the same time.  A beard will provide you both fierceness and confidence, but also it will provide you with a natural look which is gentle and warm.

4. It Is Useful!


Besides being very comfortable, a beard is also very useful.  A beard will provide you with the sufficient time in the morning that you now use four shaving.  In addition to that, a beard will not only save your time, but it will make you feel more confident about your looks.  Especially if you have some kind of a flaw that you would like to conceal, a beard will come more than handy.  You may not have the perfect cheekbones, or the perfect jaw line, and with a beard you don’t even have to have all these things.  Still, you will have to find time to groom your beards and take good care of it.

Become A Beard Master!

Beard – a trend that conquered men

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Be crazy for the men with a beard is now a matter of trend, as is the admiration of the Iranian and Palestinian cinema, politically correct expressions and a concern for the planet’s environmental problems.

street-style-men-beard-trendWho is behind these developments? Hipsters, of course! It seems to be uniformity in styling that pervaded the streets of Brooklyn, Berlin, London and Scandinavian capitals in recent months expanding inexorably. The trend has gained momentum so that in these cities transplantation of beard is one of the most popular treatments in cosmetic surgery for men. What is interesting is that the price of transplantation beard, which is about 6,000 euros, or $ 8,000. At the same time, earnings on sales of razors, and other products closely associated with shaving this year in the UK is decreased by 72 million pounds compared to the previous year.

One possible answer could be found in the fact that there was an intense gender emancipation, which began with the sexual revolution of the sixties of the 20th century, and to the trend of wearing the beard could be a consequence. With growing acceptance androgynous beauty in high fashion – whish’s most famous example is Andrej Pejic  or Conchita – and the deletion of clear boundaries between traditionally male and traditionally female clothing, the issue of the crisis of masculinity imposes as a potential reason for the trend beard.

Namely, if there is a gap between traditional values ​​in society and freedoms such as highlighting sexual identity and belonging to some other alternative lifestyles criticizing mainstream culture – vegetarianism and veganism, social inclusion, green energy – conflict is inevitable. While in our crisis of masculinity is channeled through uncontrolled violence and the organization of the military parade in honor of the cult leaders in other, more stable parts of the world the same crisis resurfaces in the form of antique of statement and expression of different symbols of masculinity, which does not involve the use of muscles. For beard is just that – a symbol of masculinity, which testifies that the man grew up and that as such worthy of respect by the community, which explains the popularity of beards in men in their late teens and early twenties, and in those where recognition of the company has a special value for us.

Grow a beard!

Like a normal reaction to these changes a beard has become a normal part of our men’s fashion. Men think that if they wear a beard they will look more like a real man and more attractive to opposite sex. And maybe they are right because women are tired of so called “metrosexuals” that spend more time in the bathroom than any woman in the world. We can say that this isn’t definitely a picture of men that woman could count on. Every woman searches some kind of protection and security in men. It is not likely to get it from one who is always concern about his beauty and look. However we can’t admit that this is probably just a product of woman’s emancipation.

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